First CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT  here.  Then Login to the dashboard.

Read the message on the dashboard carefully. Then after that, you can fund your wallet. The platform is wallet based and you can fund your wallet through the following channels: Instant online payment with your ATM card or Deposit to bank/Mobile transfer to the account number provided on the FUND ACCOUNT section. For automatic instant funding, Click on Fund Account and enter the amount you want to fund under Online Payment Instant Funding. For deposit to bank or mobile transfer, send to our account number, once payment is done, send proof of payment to our Whatsapp.  Upon confirmation of your payment, your wallet will be credited accordingly. You can also contact your friends that have fund in their wallet to transfer to you because we have WALLET to WALLET transfer option. You can fund your wallet ahead of time to avoid funding wallet everyday. This means that even if you are not using all the money you are funding your wallet with immediately, your funds are very safe with us. You can use the remaining one another day.


 Instant funding using ATM card. This is strictly for amount between ₦100 and ₦9,500. Processing fee applies.

If you were debited from your bank and you received the payment email receipt but your wallet was not credited, kindly wait for 10 – 15mins for automatic resolution.

Cash deposit, bank or mobile transfer to our company bank account; This is strictly for amount starting from ₦100 and it is not instant. Mon-Sat: 8am-10pm,, Sun: 12pm-8pm.


Once your account is successfully funded, you can start recharging. Choose any of the services on the dashboard; from Airtime Topup to Money transfer.  All Services are instant delivery.

After successful transaction, CashBack Value will be sent back to your wallet.

NB: CashBack applies for all Recharge Services Except MTN SME Datashare because the Vending rate is Discounted.


As a vendor on, you get discounts from VTU airtime recharge on all GSM networks and pay less for cable tv payments.

However, your discount and what you pay is determined by your vendor level. We have 4 vendor levels; Reseller, Agent, Super-Agent and VIP Elite Partner. See table on the homepage for details.


How Discounts Work:

An Agent sells MTN ₦1,000 airtime, ₦963 (3.7% discount) will be deducted from his wallet/account.

 If a free user wants to pay for a GOtv subscription of ₦2,460, ₦50 extra fee will be deducted, so the free user pays ₦2,510 instead of 2,560 other platforms and banks charges.

You get more discount and less bill payment charge on all our services when you upgrade your account to one of our premium packages.