How do I setup an account?

Click “Register” on the Menu Tab. A sign up page will be displayed on your screen. Kindly input your full name, mobile number and email in the fields labelled ‘Full Name’, ‘Phone Number’ and ‘Email Address’. Create a password you can easily remember; confirm the password. Now, Input the referral ID if you were referred by someone or leave blank if you were not referred by anyone. Then submit by clicking on the register button under; that’s it, you are done! Always change your password to avoid unauthorized access to your account; also do not disclose your password to anyone.

After creating account, what next?

After creating account, you can now log in and start transacting. You can upgrade later to get more commission on all your transactions.

Does it mean i cannot earn without upgrading?

You can still earn from your transactions even without upgrading. But the commission for upgraded members are higher than the commission for free members. Also as an upgraded member, you have more benefits than the free user.

Will I still pay any money again after upgrading?

No. The Upgrade fee is a onetime fee for life. You will NOT be required to pay any money again in future.

How do I login into my account?

Click on login Tab. Enter your registered mobile number and your password then click on ‘login’.

Please I forgot my Password, how do I reset it?

Click the button ‘forgot password’on the Login Page, enter your registered mobile number and email address.  A password reset link will be sent to your email . Once you receive the link, click on it and you can now change your password to the one of your choice.

How do I fund my Account?

The platform is wallet based.  Once you Log in, click on ADD MONEY TO YOUR WALLET or FUND ACCOUNT  tab; you will see the options for Wallet funding.  You can fund your wallet through the following channels: Direct Instant Auto Wallet Funding: You will see a Sterling bank account number assigned only to you. You can fund your wallet instantly by simply doing a bank transfer to the Auto Wallet Account number. Your wallet balance will be updated immediately or within 10 minutes as the case may be.
The account number is DEDICATED to you. You can save the account number as a beneficiary on your banking apps to make transferring even easier. Remember you can also transfer via your bank’s USSD.
A stamp duty of 50 Naira applies to every transfer made.
You can contact us for your own account number if its not reflecting already on your dashboard.
Option 2 is DIRECT DEPOSIT TO BANK: Make a deposit to bank or mobile transfer to ONLY our Corporate account number on the E-Wallet Funding Section, once payment is made, fill the notification form and send from your dashboard or send proof of payment to our Whatsapp via RAPID RESPONSE button HERE or  send mail to  Upon confirmation of your payment, your wallet will be credited immediately. You can also contact your friends that have funds in their wallet to transfer to your WALLET via WALLET to WALLET transfer option.

How do I recharge?

Once your account is successfully funded, you can start recharging or payment. Choose any of the services on the dashboard; from Airtime Topup to Money transfer.  All Services are automated  and are delivered instantly. Note: Sometimes, due to network issues, some services might delay before delivery.

Where to call if I have questions about my transactions?

Kindly contact our support team through any of the channels HERE

I did not receive value for my transaction via SMS or email what can I do?

All your transactions are sent to you through SMS and email. But sometimes, due to network delay issues which is beyond our control and totally dependent on the TELCOS (Telecommunication companies) [or if your mobile number was switched off or unavailable at that particular moment the SMS was sent out or your number has been registered on DND (do not disturb)], you might not receive the SMS.

Your transactions are sent via email if you provided a valid email address when you created an account on eazypaysolutions. The  details of the transaction are sent to your email. 

You can also access your transactions by clicking on “Transactions” on the main menu in your account. 

In the event you did not receive it at all, which is unlikely, Kindly send us a message via the chat icon on our page.

Can I recharge at any hour of the day?

Yes! As the name implies, the platform was made with you in mind; so that you can pay easily  24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your home or office. You can buy any of our services anytime and from any location; even in the midnight. As long as you have an internet connection and funds in your wallet.

How does the discount work?

An Agent sells MTN ₦1,000 airtime, ₦960 (4% discount) will be deducted from his wallet/account.

 If a free user wants to pay for a GOtv subscription of ₦2,460, ₦50 extra fee will be deducted, so the free user pays ₦2,510 instead of 2,560 other platforms and banks charges.

You get more discount and less bill payment charge on all our services when you upgrade your account to one of our premium packages.

Can I upgrade my vendor level?

Yes. You can upgrade to any level you want. Apart from the normal End user Level, we have other four levels you can upgrade to and get more discounts with other benefits. Reseller, Agent, Super-Agent, VIP Elite Partner. They have lots of benefits more than the end user.

To upgrade to RESELLER Package, you pay ₦1,000

To upgrade to AGENT Package, you pay ₦2,500

To upgrade to SUPER-AGENT Package, you pay ₦5,000

To upgrade to VIP ELITE PARTNER Package, you pay ₦15,000

Can I transfer money from my wallet to bank account?

Yes. You can instantly and securely transfer funds from your wallet to your bank account using the Money Transfer Option on your dashboard.

Do you have any app that i can download?

Yes! you can download our Android app from Google Playstore. Click HERE